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House-Museum of Mirza Alakbar Sabir

Mirza Alakbar Sabir (30 May 1862 Shamakhi 12 July 1911 Shamakhi) was an Azerbaijani satirical poet, public figure, philosopher and teacher. He set up a new attitude to classical traditions, rejecting well-trodden ways in poetry.

Political and civil motives prevail in his poetry, and Sabir himself was the spokesman for the ideas of the national liberation movement in Azerbaijan.Sabir fought passionately to expand and deepen this movement. His creative attention was attracted by the darkest aspects of everyday life of Azerbaijani society: fanaticism,debauchery,social oppression,ignorance.He was constantly worried about the exploitation of the working people,dying in poverty,by the sybaritic "high society" and the propertied class.

Currently closed for renovation,estimated reopening in May 2021

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