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Perched on the slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains in the Shamakhi region, the Shamakhi Palace Sharadil is the ultimate luxury family resort in the heart of Azerbaijan. The resort occupies 43.370 sqm. Surrounded by picturesque mountains and forests, it provides a blissful escape.


Sharadil is established in a vast area with its unique architecture integrated into an enticing and natural environment away from the urban noise.

Situated at a 19 km distance from Shamakhi and a 161 km distance from the International Airport of Haydar Aliyev, Baku Shamakhi Palace Sharadil is in Shahdag National Park, reflecting the excellent ambient of untouched nature. Shahdag National Park located in northern Azerbaijan, close to the border with Russia at the Greater Caucasus Mountains and occupies an area of 115.900 hectares. It is the largest national park not only in Azerbaijan but also in the whole Caucasus. Mount Bazarduzu (4466), the highest mountain of Azerbaijan located in Shahdag National Park.

The rooms have a view of the natural landscape in all shades of green and offer luxurious and superior quality services. Shamakhi Palace Sharadil gives opportunities for discovering new venues in addition to its luxurious architecture.

Nearby the Hotel you can visit the second oldest mosque in the Caucasus Jumma Mosque (743 y.), House-Museum of satirical poet Mirza Alakbar Sabir, Astrophysical Observatory located on the eastern slope of Pirqulu at a height of 1500m, Demirchi Village - one of the corners of the multi-century blacksmithing tradition, “From City to Village” project’s farms: Tezekend and Qaladeresi where you can learn about farm hold and maybe some secret local food recipes, Demirchi Village where you can observe people in workshops transforming pieces of metal into beautiful handicrafts. Strolling through the main street you can have a cup of tea or coffee and purchase some souvenirs.


The name Shamakhi was referred to, for the first time, with the name "Samaheya" or "Kamaheya" in the work by Ptolemaeus. The Arabs called this place "Es-Semahiyye". Shahdag National Park, which is one of the remarkable national parks in Azerbaijan, is located on 5 artificial silks where Shamakhi is also located. In the Medieval centuries, Shamakhi used to be the capital of Shirvan Shakhs and was in the crossway of Caravan roots, which promoted its rapid gross and progress in that period.


You can go to see Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan during your stay at Shamakhi Palace Sharadil. Baku city center is at a 144 km distance from the hotel. You can discover the magnificent landscape of Baku Boulevard; sightsee in the historical streets of the Old City of Baku, in addition to the Crystal Hall in the city, Museum of Nizami, and Maiden Tower. Remember to add Baku to your itinerary where its magnificent architecture embraces a modern history.