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Farm in Shamakhi, Qaladeresi Village

The farm is located in Qaladeresi village of Shamakhi region, in the territory of Shahdagh National Park and occupies area of 0.53 hectares. There are various fruits and vegetables, as well as, 50-60 chickens, geese and buffalos in this place. The main activity in the farm is beekeeping. Near the farm there is a garden belonging to the farmer, which can also be used to serve tourists. There are adequate conditions to provide food for 15-20 tourists. The road problem that occurs during the visit to the area can be solved with the help of cars provided by the farmer. At the same time, tourists visiting the farm, under the guidance of the farmer, can travel to Khalit waterfall, forest and castles located in the territory of the national park.

Farmer - Jeyhun Nuriyev +994 50 533 57 90 / +994 55 943 69 90